PreK-4 Skill Objectives


Pre-K4 Skill Objectives

Time invested in Pre-K4 ensures that your child will have a smooth and successful transition into kindergarten:

  • Motor Skills: fine motor skills development with things like holding a pencil and using scissors, while gross motor skills are developed with activities like balancing and skipping.
  • Practical: learn to say first and last name, as well as their current age.
  • Social/ Emotional: teachers guide students through appropriate social and emotional interactions, learning respect, feelings and good self-image.
  • Listening: strengthening listening skills with extended attention span and responding to questions about stories.
  • Self-Reliance: teacher-guided instructions help students to become more independent.
  • Spoken language: circle time, story time, and teacher/peer interactions develop the ability to wait for their turn and use sentences.
  • Math Readiness: learning numbers, categorizing objects and rote counting.
  • Reading Readiness: phonemic and phonics approaches help children to practice skills that will let them become readers. 
  • Work Habits: develop ability to follow directions, work in small groups and not disrupt class.

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