PreK-3 Skill Objectives


Pre-K3 Skill Objectives

Children as young as three are well prepared to start setting a foundation for academic success. In pre-K3 at The Good Shepherd Preschool, your child will work on developing the following skills:

  • Motor Skills: fine motor skills development with things like painting and building blocks along with gross motor skills development with activities like kicking a ball and hopping on one foot.
  • Academic Readiness: encourage reading, math, and conceptual readiness, including colors, shapes and body parts.
  • Social/ Emotional: teachers guide students through appropriate social and emotional interactions, learning respect, sharing and concern for others.
  • Listening: activities like listening to stories to answer questions, or taking instruction from teachers.
  • Music: encouraged to sing and repeat rhythms in individual and group activities.
  • Self-Reliance: teacher-guided instructions help students to become more independent.
  • Spoken Language: circle time, story time, and teacher/peer interactions develop the ability to speak clearly and expand vocabulary.
  • Art: students participate in art activities, learning to use materials properly and clean-up after each project.

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